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Welcome to English Grammar Tutor!

We offer reliable online proofreading, editing and writing services to essay and thesis (dissertation) writers, and to professionals in various fields, including journalists and business people, who want to present linguistically and logically perfect texts. Our online service is expert, academic and efficient, and it guarantees your superior performance. For most of our clients, English is a second language (ESL). We appreciate their patronage, and enjoy our exchanges with them on language and cultural matters. Our native English speakers, like they, find us ready and able to accommodate them on whatever need brings them to us, be that time constraints, or simply the desire to hone their writing skills.

We invite you to evaluate our editing and proofreading abilities. Email your essay, thesis segment, article or business report to us. We shall proofread a substantial part of it and return it to you as a free sample of our style. If you like our work and you become our client, we shall work with you until both you and we are satisfied that your text is polished to perfection. Please feel free also to speak to us about your writing projects. We are available for detailed discussion. Law essays are our speciality, but our subject knowledge is broad, and we have a pool of experts to draw upon.


Do you need someone to write something? We offer to ghost-write in any genre, provided that the subject matter is in good taste. Put your project to us confidently. A ghostwriter simply does the job on your behalf when you are unable, for any reason, to do it yourself. Ghostwriting, by nature, is a discreet activity. We guarantee your privacy.

Usage throughout these pages is English. Our reach, however, is international. Clients simply tell us whether they want their texts rendered in English or in American English. Not deterred by George Bernard Shaw's claim that we are divided by a common language, we move with ease in either literary convention.

We have good subject knowledge in these and related areas: Art Theory, Business Studies, History, Information Technology, International Law, Common Law, EU Law, Linguistics, Literary Theory, Literature, Philosophy, Political and Social Science, Psychology, Education Theory and Practice.

For your amusement: Meet the Romanesque Green Man!